Almeda Sims WWTP West Lift Station Rehab

Project Location
Houston, Texas
Construction cost
Construction Start/End


When was it constructed and how long has it been in service:

Diameter of line, sewer pipe material (RCP, MCIP, brick, etc.), length of rehab portion: 

Several structures required rehabilitation due to severe deterioration while making emergency repairs to the electrical and pumps.

  • 20’ x 45’ Bypass Chamber (New construction)

  • 9' x 9' x 45’ Junction Box

  • 48" Manhole

  • 15’ x 14’ x 23’ Intake Junction Box

  • 27’ x 15’ x 12’ Elevated Chamber

Depth of pipe:
Various depths
Depth of ground water:
Health and safety:
Monitoring of upstream flow and standard permit required confined space protocol was used. Extra caution was taken when working in raw sewage.
Has any re-inspection been performed? What was the condition of the pipe?
Yes, 2014 the lift station was inspected and found the Danby liner to be in very good condition, some minor repairs to brackets on the force main drops.


Ventilation and odor control used:
Forced air was used, in addition to blowers for ventilation.
Rehab method used:

Danby PL3F (1/2”) and PL3E (1”) was used in this massive rehab. A combination of Spiral wound and modular panels were used.

Cleaning method used (if required) and who cleaned the line:
Once the raw sewage was removed, the contractor, Boyer, Inc. hydroblasted the structures with 8,000 to 10,000 psi water.
Method of flow bypass or diversion, if used:
The WWTP had to be by-passed in order to accomplish the emergency repairs and rehab work. Boyer installed a 45 ft deep bypass chamber with cofferdam, a Boyer patented system that would allow 100% by-passing during dry weather events. The bypass chamber was lined using Danby PL3E panels as a corrosion prevention to the new construction. This bypass chamber has been and will be used in the future for high water event, cleaning and inspection.


Problems encountered during construction:
Wet weather events caused the levels to breach the top of the weir causing the evacuation of the lift station work area.
Problems encountered after construction: