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Cast-In-Place Structures | Danby PVC Lining

Cast-In-Place Structures

Prevention is the first line of defense against corrosion.  Incorporating Danby PVC lining into the construction phase will provide immediate corrosion protection from H2S gases, salt water and other corrosive environments.  The rigid Danby PVC lining can be added to the outer wall of virtually any shape or size structure before pouring the concrete for the new structure.   Adding Danby PVC lining to your cast-in-place structures will provide corrosion protection starting day one and for the next 50+ years.

Precast | Danby PVC Lining


Danby, LLC has created a name for itself with its proven rehab method using the Danby Pipe Renovation grout-in-place liner, but Danby is not just for pipe rehab anymore, it’s also being used in new construction.  Manhole lids can also be precast using Danby to protect the inside of the structure.  Danby liner is also being used in new construction of Waste Water Treatment plants.

Advantages of the Danby PVC Liner | Danby PVC Lining

Advantages of the Danby PVC Liner

  • Corrosion Resistant PVC Liner Protects Concrete
  • Improves Hydraulic Flow
  • Circular and Non-Circular Shapes
  • Imbedded in Concrete During Pipe Manufacturing
  • 50-100 Years of Corrosion Protection
  • Return on Investment, Extending the Life of Structure
  • Structures with Corrosion Protection from the start