Cast In Place Projects


City of Houston Diversion Box constructed as part of a multi-million project allowing for future access to a 108" Tunnel.

Construction of a corrosion resistant 20' diameter bypass chamber provides lift station additional storage and a way to bypass flow in the future to perform inspection and maintenance.

A 20' diameter x 45' deep Danby lined Bypass Chamber was constructed prior to the Lift Station Rehab allowing increased storage capacity and the flow to be re-routed during the rehab construction as well as future lift station inspections and maintenance.


A Force Main manhole fully deteriorated located in a residential driveway replaced with Cast-in-place Danby lined manhole.

A Force Main manhole fully deteriorated from the H2S gasses and collapsed threatening further damage to nearby neighboring houses. Atascocita, TX

30" line to sewer plant deteriorated and completely blocked line causing 72" manhole to deteriorate and collapse.

Two 10" force mains causing full deterioration and collapse of the manhole at a Cypress WWTP. Cast-in-Place Danby lined manhole and lid with a 2 feed HDPE force main drop.